Community Credit Union Scholarships

Every year Community Credit Union provides at least a $500 scholarship to a local high school senior who is furthering their education by attending a College or University. These funds are raised through support from the Credit Union's employees and/or its volunteer Board of Directors.

The scholarship money is paid directly to the student recipient. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the high school senior must be a member of Community Credit Union. If the student is not a member of Community Credit Union, he or she may join the credit union by opening a share account with a minimum balance of $25 prior to submitting an application. To qualify for membership, the student must live, work or attend school within Androscoggin County or have an immediate family member that meets the previously mentioned criteria. 

Only completed applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and the scholarship will be awarded based upon the information gathered through the application process. Completed applications must be received at one of the Community Credit Union branches, 144 Pine Street, Lewiston, 40 Stanley Street, Auburn and 1025 Auburn Road, Turner annually by the first day of April of the student's senior year in high school. Applications may be mailed to the office, addressed to the Community Credit Union Scholarship Committee. Any applications postmarked after that date will not be accepted.

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Scholarship 2018 0 Allen Russell

Russell Allen, Jr
2018 Recipient

Scholarship 2017 - Morgan Brosseau

Morgan Brousseau
2018 Recipient

Scholarship 2017 Julia St Laurent

Julia St. Laurent
2017 Recipient

Scholarship 2016 A. DeGone

Anthony DeGone
2016 Recipient

Scholarship 2016 E Paradie

Emma Paradie
2016 Recipient

Scholarship 2016 D. Therrien

Dalton Therrien
2016 Recipient

Other Scholarship Recipients Included:

  • Fatuma Ali, 2015 Recipient
  • Taylor Fowler, 2015 Recipient
  • Bianca Giron, 2014 Recipient
  • Luke Chaloux, 2014 Recipient
  • Daniel Fortier, 2013 Recipient
  • Eric Gooldrip, 2012 Recipient
  • Justin Fortier, 2011 Recipient
  • Hanan Ahmed, 2010 Recipient
  • Hanna Mogensen, 2010 Recipient
  • Katelyn Kirk, 2009 Recipient
  • Nikolas Hoover, 2009 Recipient