Business Lending Solutions


Access to Funds

The mission of BLS is to support Maine business and they do that by providing commercial lending through their credit union partners. Community Credit Union is proud to be one of those partners. Business Lending Solutions believes that it is important for businesses to have access to funds, and they have the money to lend.
They support both small and large businesses. From small loans to finance a single piece of equipment to larger loans to finance a commercial real estate purchase, they can provide loans of almost any size.

Getting Started

The first thing you'll need to do is contact Business Lending Solutions to let them know you are interested in a business loan. You can fill out the form on their website, or you can simply call them at 866.736.2804.

You can also email  and a Community Credit Union Loan Officer will guide you to our partners at Business Lending Solutions.


The Loan Process

Once they determine what type of loan, how much, and so forth, you will need to make a formal application for the loan. They then go through a more detailed review of your documents and the longterm viability of your business. If all goes well, you will then have a loan approval.



Finally, assuming you have met all requirements, your loan has been approved, and you are a member of one of their credit unions, they close the loan and your funds are disbursed.