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Mobile Banking
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Online Banking

  • View current balances, including detailed histories
  • Download transaction history into personal financial software
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including setting up automatic transfers
  • Request check withdrawals and stop payments
  • View cleared checks
  • Communicate with CCU via secure e-mail
  • View monthly statements
  • Utilize the Bill Payer program
  • Set up Alerts

For a complete set of Frequently Asked Questions click here. 

Print screen by screen help guide here 

Quickbooks, Quicken and Mint are now available to integrate with the Online Banking platform. Follow the instructions below that match your operating system to get started today.

Quickbooks Online, Express Web Connect
Quickbooks Mac, Web Connect
Quickbooks Windows, Web Connect
Quicken Mac 2015-2017, Express Web Connect
Quicken Mac 2015-2017, Web Connect
Quicken Mac 2007, Web Connect
Quicken Windows, Express Web Connect
Quicken Windows, Web Connect

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Mobile Banking 

With CCU's Mobile Banking, you can:

  • View current balances, including detailed histories
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including setting up automatic transfers
  • Communicate with CCU via secure e-mail
  • Find branches and ATMs
  • Utilize the Bill Payer program                                                                        

Requirements for Mobile Banking

  • Mobile device must have web access
  • Must be enrolled in Community Credit Union's Online Banking
  • Must have a current email on file to receive one-time PIN

Ready to go Mobile with CCU, Download Our App:

Download Community CU Mobile App Download Community CU from the Play Store

Mobile Deposit Capture

Just follow these simple steps to deposit checks whenever and wherever you wish.
1. Log into Mobile Banking.
2. Click Mobile Deposit.
3. Choose the account you wish to deposit the check into.
4. Enter the amount of the check.
5. Endorse the back of your check with "for Mobile Deposit Only", also include your account #, date and signature.
6. Select "Tap here to take a picture of the front of the check", then select "Tap here to take a picture of the back of the check."
7. Review your deposit and tap the "submit" button to deposit the check.

Please Note: Checks deposited through Mobile Deposit Capture are subject to our Reg CC Check Hold Policy. For details on check holds, please call the Credit Union at 207.783.2096 or refer to the Membership Agreement.



To access your statement, please log into Online Banking.

With CUe-Statements, you can:

  • Access your monthly and quarterly share/share draft statements faster, from wherever you choose - at home, at work or when traveling
  • Have no extra fees or costs
  • Be assured that your statement is a secured document. Your emailed statement will require you to log into Online Banking to gain access
  • Review your previous statements
  • Save your statement as a pdf or print it using your own printer
  • Have quick access to other credit union services via links provided by your credit union
  • View newsletters, inserts or other communications with your statement

Not already signed up for CUe-Statements?

Sign up through Online Banking today!

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Bill Payer

Worrying about paying bills is not a good use of your time. Community Credit Union has a solution for you.

Bill Payer:

  • Gives you access to your account anytime of the day or night.
  • Allows you to make changes whenever you need to.
  • Allows you to schedule payments.
  • Allows you to pay bills automatically, when you'd like and how much you'd like.
  • Allows you to schedule up to a year's worth of payments in advance.
  • Allows you to review a full payment history at any time you choose.

To access Bill Payer, you must register for Online Banking. Our Bill Payer Service is offered as a free service to our members; an enrolled, non-use fee is assessed monthly when the service is enrolled but not utilized by the member. View our Rate & Fee Schedule for details.

5 Reasons Why Direct Deposit and Electronic Bill Pay Make Sense

Taking advantage of direct deposit and electronic bill pay can save you significant amounts of time and money.

  1. Convenience
    Save trips to financial institutions to make deposits or trips to the post office to mail bills, buy stamps and envelopes. Also save time by logging on to one site to pay bills in one convenient place.
  2. A Better Credit Score
    Making a single late payment for any reason, even if the check was held up in the mail, the effects on your credit score can stay for up to seven years. Scheduling regular payments through electronic bill pay will help ensure you always pay your bills on time.
  3. Greater Savings
    Direct deposit will not only save you gas money, it can help promote savings. You can divert part of your paycheck into a savings account where it will earn interest, instead of to your checking account, where you might more easily spend it.
  4. Speed
    Paying bills online is definitely faster than writing individual checks, filling out your checkbook register and addressing envelopes. Just set up your payment accounts once. That's it!
  5. Peace of Mind
    When you are on the road for business or vacation, direct deposit will ensure that your income is credited to your account. With electronic bill pay, you can schedule payments before you leave, and even make them securely from anywhere you have Internet access while you travel.


Alerts allows you to select certain transactions or events taking place in your account that you want to be notified of. When these transactions occur, a notification is sent to you within minutes. Each Alert can be sent to multiple email or cellular phone addresses, keeping you connected to your Credit Union wherever you may be. These Alerts can be set up through Online Banking.

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