History of Community Credit Union

Community Credit Union has been providing financial services to its members since 1945. From its modest start to its rapid growth in recent years, our Credit Union has secured its market niche in the Lewiston, Auburn Metropolitan area.

In 1945, the need for a credit union for the parishioners of St. Peter and St. Paul was recognized. As a result, on March 6, 1945, a group of the parishioners met and voted to incorporate under the state of Maine Credit Union Laws. The goal was to help meet the financial needs of fellow church members by establishing the new cooperative. St. Pierre Credit Union was now a reality. Then, on April 12, 1945 the first directors, officers, and committee members were elected. Lucien Bouchard was the first President and Alfred O. Vachon served as the first Treasurer.

With no office space, business was transacted at the Treasurer's residence. Publicity was greatly needed and Father Drouin, the pastor of St. Peter and St. Paul Church led the way. From the pulpit and everywhere else he went he preached the benefits of being a Credit Union member and urged his parishioners to join a very worthy cause. His successors, Fathers Desrochers and Fiset, were also strong supporters as were the many priests since.

In 1949, a business office was established at 198 Lisbon Street. Members were allowed to conduct business on Monday and Friday evenings. This increased membership convenience and added privacy to their financial transactions.

1951 brought with it another move. A new office was opened at 201 Bartlett Street where for 14 years, continued growth and progress was realized. In 1960, just 15 years after its organization, St. Pierre Credit Union reached its first million dollars in shares and half million dollars in loans.

Now St. Pierre Credit Union was able to provide more to members with expanding services. It was not long before it was again necessary to find new quarters because of the increasing membership and business volume. This led to the purchase of the Dominique property located at the intersection of Pine and Howe Streets in Lewiston. The doors of the new office were opened on November 1, 1964. Having fully maintained office hours, ample parking for members, and a drive-up window, more efficient service was provided to the membership which now numbered at more than 5,000 strong.

In 1978, the Credit Union was launched into the computer age with the conversion of all member accounts. St. Pierre Credit Union was now on-line with the Maine Credit Union League, utilizing the most modern technology available at the time. Again, these strides increased efficiencies and led to faster member service. It also allowed the Credit Union to pay a semi-annual dividend.

In 1985, the Maine Bureau of Banking granted permission to change the Credit Union's common bond to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Lewiston. At this time the name of the credit union was changed to Community Credit Union to better reflect the membership we served.

With growing membership, management and the board of directors saw the need to expand the building. Land was purchased adjacent to the current location. The building was enlarged and modernized and three drive through lanes were added. The renovation was completed in 1989.

The board of directors again was granted the right to change the common bond. Now it read, "Anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Lewiston or Auburn or has a family member who does."

In 1994, the board of directors and management were pleased to announce the February merger with the Municipal Employees of Auburn Federal Credit Union. The merger added a branch office in the County Building on the corner of Court and Turner Streets in Auburn. At that time, the Credit Union was granted the right to change the common bond to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Androscoggin County or has a family member who does.

To increase access to the Credit Union by Auburn residents, management and the board of directors decided to relocate the Auburn branch to its current location on Stanley Street in Auburn. This state of the art facility offered much more to members including an ATM. This new office opened in September of 1996 with 2,000 square feet of office space.

In March 2015, the Credit Union opened their doors in a new leased space at 1025 Auburn Road (Route 4),Turner to better serve members in the northern part of the Androscoggin County. The branch offers the latest technology to members including a 24 hour ATM and interactive cash recyclers.

Today, Community Credit Union has branches located at 144 Pine Street, Lewiston, 40 Stanley Street, Auburn, and 1025 Auburn Road, Turner. We strive to provide the best service to our members. If you're not a member, you can be if you live, work or go to school in Androscoggin County or have a family member who does.